2017-  "Seascapes+Still Lifes," Kunkuk University, Seoul, Korea.

2016-  “VERSATILITY: Transformation of Space-Project #1 Buamgung Palace, Seoul, Korea.

2011    “Mullae-dong, Yesterday and Today,” MAM(Mullae Art Market), Seoul, Korea.


              “Seascape, E/SCAPE,” Mullae Art Factory, Seoul, Korea.

              “Seascape, E/SCAPE,” Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

              “Seascape, E/SCAPE,” aA Design Museum, Seoul, Korea.

2010    “Viewfinder Picture,” Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea.

2009    “Shin Mihe Photography Exhibition,” Leehyun Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

2008    “Still Lifes,” Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

             “Man-made-scapes,” Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

2006   “The Thin Line Between Abstraction and Representation,” 688 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

2001   "Man-made-scapes," Seonggonghoe University, Seoul, Korea.

            "Man-made-scapes," Gongiam Studio, Kyunggi-do, Korea.

2000   "Man-made-scapes," Centre Culturel Coreen, Paris, France.

1999   "Les fleurs du mal," Centre Culturel Francais, Seoul, Korea.

1997   "What Now-Simulacra of Things to be Vanished," Na Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

             "Les fleurs du mal," Gongiam Studio, Kyunggi-do, Korea.